Lolita was so beautiful when i booked her at Kent escorts i fell in love and married her

Marriage for me was not necessary since I was so busy with my business. There are a lot of girls to pick, and most of them are looking after my money. I don’t believe in love because people left you when you had nothing to offer. Most of them come when you have a fat wallet. I spent my life with no commitment. I live my life alone and happy. When I’m bored, I went to clubs and used some girls, then leave. I was an only child, and my parents are dead. This business was a heritage from them, and I have to continue to run the company since many employees need this job. We have this business for over 30 years and generating. I am a known accountant in London and one of the wealthiest. I love to travel and do sports. My home was enormous yet silent. My birthday was fast approaching, and I want to have a party. I have booked an event organizer to handle my party and everything. I don’t want to stress myself. I have invited all my friends and colleagues. All my staff as well as their respective family. One of my friends told me to get someone to accompany me during my birthday since I was all alone. He suggested that Kent Escorts are gorgeous and fabulous ladies. I have to think about  it, but eventually, I decided to book. I have booked a lady name Lolita, and she was pretty. The first time I saw her my heart skips beats. I was speechless and charm by her beauty. I bought her things to wear. I think about her all the time and was very excited to see her. I don’t know why I can’t get off her on my mind. She was like a leech that sticks to my heart. It was my 30th birthday, but I was excited to see her than the rest of the guests. I wake up early in the morning to prepare. I have found myself smiling for no reason and first time to be inspired. I have taken a bath and spent an hour in the mirror. I was curious about how I look. I want to be the most handsome guy later, and Lolita’s eyes are just for me. I have fetched her to the place we agreed to meet. When I get out to the car, she turned around slowly, and she had captured my heart. Her smiles were the prettiest smile I ever saw. We went right away to the house. It was my first time to feel shame in front of the girl. To evade awkwardness, I have asked her why she has become a Kent escort? She replied that in the needs of money to continue her education. I was amazed that she has dreams in life and work for it. She added that she doesn’t do extra-service. That was another points to her. I have admired her so much. We are home and started the party. I introduced her to everyone and can’t keep my eyes looking at her. I can’t believe being with this person. There are not enough words to say. While everyone was busy, I’ll take the time to talk privately. I told her that I would love to see her again not as a Kent escort but as a typical lady. We have enjoyed a lot with each other that day. Before she leaves, she had kissed me on my cheek and said see you again. That was my first romantic night ever. I wake up each day inspired and confident. Went to work happy and alive. We have seen each other again and spent times traveling. When I am with her I feel like being me and buoyant. Months passed by and I have expressed my feelings towards her and also hers. We have the same feelings and commit to each other. I have married my escort, and I have never regretted it.